Once you’ve scanned your photos, it’s a great idea to attach details to them so the story behind each photo can stay with it. Here’s how.

Adding photo details

To add details to a photo, tap “What’s the story of this photo?” under the photo to add a description of what’s happening in the photo. In addition to typing out the story, you can choose from these storytelling options:

  • A voice recording of up to 60 seconds.
  • Scan and detect text - relevant if the image contains photographed or handwritten text (like in a scrapbook) - iOS only.
  • Scan the back of the photo.

Adding tags

You can add tags to photos to easily search for them later, by tag. Scroll down to the bottom of the photo to see these available tags:

  • Favorites - the heart icon.
  • Date - for a specific date or just the year.
  • Location: Enter a location's name and choose from the listed locations (Google Places).
  • Names of people in the photo/s - Faces in the photo are automatically extracted. Add the name of each person in the photo.


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This page was last updated in April 2022