Instead of keeping your photos to yourself, here’s how to share them with your loved ones.

Sharing up to 5 photos

  1. First, select the album with the photos you want to share, then tap the red Share icon on the bottom of the screen.
  2. Now, select the photos you’d like to share. To share all the album photos in one go, tap the circle on the top-right corner of the screen. To select some of the photos in an album, simply tap each one individually.
  3. If you want to share photos from different albums, press the Share icon from the home screen, select your photos to share, then tap Share from the options below.
  4. Next, you can choose to send the photos via email or tap the More icon, to see more sharing options according to the sharing apps installed on your device (messages, FB, etc.)

Please note: when sharing up to 5 photos, they will be shared as the photo file alone, without any added details.

Sharing more than 5 photos

Since a large number of photos (such as an entire album) results in a large accumulated file size that is too large to send, the app will upload all your chosen photos to a unique web page with a private designated web link.

The people you share that link with can then open it in their browser (on any device) and view the photos as well as the description, location, date, and names you added. Only those you shared the web link with can access that web page with all the photos you shared.

If you'd like to share your entire library, head to this link to read more about our companion sharing app, Photomyne Share.


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This page was last updated in March 2023