Some of the compelling recollections you will find in the book

“Eternal love. This photograph is very special for us three sisters as it is of our mom and dad and it depicts clearly the eternal love and bond between them...”

Priti Wadhwa, India, 1960

“Born to be wild! Taking the bike for a spin around London”

Colin Rogers, UK, 1930

"My mom and dad. This photo was taken close to the house we happily lived in, in Leiden for 7 years, and then my parents packed up again, and we migrated to South Africa."

Hilda Coetzee, Netherlands, 1948

The boy in the picture was my dad, Antonino Polifroni, who was then 12 years old. The photo was taken in a sacred place. In 2004 the rock collapsed and the sanctuary was destroyed...”

Bruno Polifroni, Italy, 1959

״I am in the back row on the far right with the teacher. The photo was taken at the local Sunday School (I think)...”

Lynn Meyers, England, 1967

“Second child added after improving the living...” conditions, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1951

Jan Rector

Who’s behind Everyday Nostalgia?

Since 2015, millions of people all over the world used the Photomyne app to digitize and preserve their old analog photos. Many of them decided to share their digitized memories with the community. This, in turn, created a massive archive of digitized real-life family photos from all over the world.

Photomyne wanted to celebrate these collective history moments and their compelling stories.

Everyday Nostalgia makes a truly meaningful gift anyone will appreciate and enjoy. Now and forever.