Photo Family Tree makes identifying each branch of your family easy, and - as an exciting bonus - measures how similar you look to one another. Here’s how to create a family tree of your own.

Step 1: Upload photos

To get started, upload as many photos of you and your family as possible by either adding digital photos from your phone, or scanning printed photographs. Don’t worry about searching for individual photos of each person. The app magically detects and distinguishes between the different faces in the photos.

It’s recommended to upload as many photos of each person as possible, preferably at different ages too.

Step 2: Identify your family

Now it’s time to sort through the faces in your photos and tag each relation appropriately. When prompted, mark yourself as the center of the tree. Then you can start adding different family members around you.

Press the ‘+’ button to add another family member to your tree. From there, you can choose between your various relationships - Parent, Spouse, etc. Tap each photo of that relative to add him or her to the tree.

You can add important biographical information too, such as his or her full name (including maiden name), date of birth, date of death, and place of birth.

Step 3: Enjoy and share!

As you build your tree, you can look at each family member’s profile. Each profile reveals a similarity score at the bottom defining how similar they look to other relatives in the tree. You can also add more photos of each person from their profile. The more photos you add per person, the more accurate the similarity scores will be.

When you’re ready to share your tree, tap the three-dots icon in the top right corner and select Share tree to save and share a copy of your family tree. It can be saved as an image (.jpg) or movie file.

You also have the option to register your tree to the Related Tree Radar. You’ll be notified if other users' trees share the same relative(s) as yours.

Now you’ll have a complete and interactive record stretching back to your family’s roots which you can continue to update as your family grows into the future.

While Photo Family Tree is free to try and begin creating a historic web of your family, unlimited tree building, sharing, backup, and similarity scores only come with a subscription. Head to the App Store to see the different subscription plans and prices in your region.

Need help and/or have more questions? Contact our support team for further assistance.

This page was last updated in August 2021