We know it’s not easy to hold a photograph (or slide or negative strip) and capture the image at the same time, so we’ve given you a Voice Control option. Voice Control allows you to scan photos with a simple verbal command and without pressing a capture button so you can steady your device for optimal scanning quality. Take a look at how to do it yourself.

Note: Voice Control is currently for iOS only

How to activate Voice Control

(The following instructions apply to the Photomyne app, as well as to SlideScan and FilmBox).

(1) While on the scanning screen, look for the Voice Control icon to activate this feature.

(2) Once you tap the Voice Control icon, the app will ask you to allow access to your device's Microphone, and Speech Recognition. Voice Control will not be possible without these two accesses.

After granting access to these two options, you'll be ready to scan hands-free! Simply say 'Go’ next time you're ready to scan and the app will take a scan shot for you.


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This page was last updated in February 2021